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  • The mission of Bright Futures for Thomazeau, Inc. is to promote the well-being, health, and education of needy children at selected schools in Thomazeau, Haiti, thereby improving their overall quality of life and that of the community at large. This will be accomplished via an on-site feeding program, health, sports and other activities.
  • Because health is such a major issue, the Foundation would like to have a nurse on duty on school days. It is also our plan to administer vaccinations, facilitate preventive healthcare fairs, provide potable water at the school and improve sanitary conditions.
  • Our interest in education recognizes the necessity for school supplies, writing materials and literature that will improve the level of academic achievement at the school. Bright Futures for Thomazeau Inc. also acknowledges that improving the standards of health and education represents the first step in raising the standard of living of the community.
  • The vision of Bright Futures for Thomazeau Inc. is to help create an environment where children can be successful, to provide the means by which they can develop their full potential and become productive citizens in the communities where they reside. Our immediate and long-term goals are to implement the feeding program, improve the sanitary conditions at the school, upgrade the classrooms and the construction of a Vocational Training Center.

  • Anssie Blot: President and Founder
  • Elsie Justilien: Vice President and co-Founder
  • Marlene Dessources: Treasurer and co-Founder
  • Eric Pierre-Jerome: Assistant Treasurer
  • Charles E. Blot: Secretary
  • Carole Pessin: Public Relations
  • Sandy Robbins: Fundraising Coordinator


  • Our Feeding Program is on-track for the 2018 - 2019 school year. 300+ school children are fed hot lunches every school day. We are grateful to all our supporters.
  • 70 school children are receiving free tuition at the school under our Child Sponsoring Assistance Program. 
  • Our Spring and Fall 2018 fundraisers went well. Kudos to our staff, many thanks to our supporters for their financial contributions.
  • The 2018 Christmas party was well planned. Nearly 600 children benefited from the event. Thanks to our staff, volunteers and sponsors. Great job!
  • A single BR house was built in 2018 for a homeless man, courtesy of Connie Marthaler.
  • BFTO hired a contractor to fence in the parcel of land which will be the site of the Training Center. The work was completed in February 2019.
  • Check our upcoming events. See you at the PICNIC on July 6th at CB Smith Park in Pembroke Pines.

Service Times & Directions

Weekend Masses in English

Saturday Morning: 8:00 am

Saturday Vigil: 4:30 pm

Sunday: 7:30 am, 9:00 am, 10:45 am,
12:30 pm, 5:30 pm

Weekend Masses In Espa?ol

Saturday Vigil: 6:15pm

Sunday: 9:00am, 7:15pm

Weekday Morning Masses

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 8:30 am

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6654 Main Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 555-7856